Enhancing Climate Change Action in a Just and Equitable Manner

Rapid transition is necessary in our energy systems to decarbonise the economy and achieve climate change goals. However, the transition must ensure social and environmental justice for the people in fossil fuel dependent regions and a better life for all. Just transition, therefore, lies at the core of climate action and planning a new green economy.

The India Just Transition Centre endeavours to build the just transition discourse in India, and enhance its understanding from the perspective of the global South. The Centre will develop knowledge, push for regulatory reforms, strengthen planning mechanisms, build stakeholder capacity, and foster peer learning and exchange of best practices for inclusive climate change action.

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Data Dashboard

Bringing together the components of a Just Transition through data spanning across coal and coal-based industries. Starting with coal mines and thermal power plants, our interactive dashboard is the pit stop for all data on coal and coal-based industries facing the imminent energy transition. The dashboard maps the spatial spread of coal mines, thermal power plants, financial or environmental viability and workforce dependence.

We are working for a sustainable future by generating and disseminating knowledge and by developing, supporting and mainstreaming policies, strategies, technologies and solutions that are environmentally sound and socially inclusive.