India has embarked on an ambitious journey of achieving net zero emissions by 2070, with several short and long term goals leading up to it. Central to this is shifting away from fossil fuels, and powering our energy systems, industries, cities, through renewable and non-conventional energy sources. This transition is already underway, supported by government policies, technological advancements, industry investments, and growing public consciousness and consensus. India must simultaneously start developing a strategic pathway, policies and plans for a just transition through collective effort of the national and state governments, and engagement of various stakeholders. 

Just transition deliberations, so far, have been primarily shaped by the experiences of the global North. However, just transition is particularly complex for developing countries, which have high growth trajectories, high fossil fuel dependence, large informal workforce and vulnerable populations. There is little understanding and evidence on the needs and requirements of just transition in emerging economies, which struggle with challenges around time frame, scale, finance, capacity and preparedness for a just transition. The India Just Transition Centre endeavours to bridge this gap by providing thought leadership, promoting best policies and practices and building capacity of stakeholders. 

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As the first such collaborative platform in India, we will adopt a multi-pronged approach to advance the agenda on Just Transition, by:

  • Providing thought leadership and generating knowledge in enabling policies, designing strategies, identifying solutions and mobilising policy and public support. 
  • Building engagement and capacity of various stakeholders at national and subnational levels.
  • Promoting South-South collaboration to strengthen knowledge exchange, technical assistance and investment opportunities. 
  • Mainstreaming the idea to build public support.
  • Facilitating strategic planning and financing.
  • Building on cross-sectoral strategies to expand the scope of just transition.
  • Informing international policies, action and financing.


Our mission is to build on cross cutting research, grassroot understanding and multi-stakeholder engagement, to advance the agenda on just transition in India through timely and tangible action at the national and state level. Through alliances and a South-South collaboration, we will also strive to make the just transition narrative more comprehensive, and geopolitically inclusive at international platforms.


Enhance the understanding of just transition in the Indian context, and strengthen the policy and public discourse to achieve positive environmental, social, and economic outcomes for India’s energy transition. 

Advisory Board

Professor in Practice, Grantham Research Institute, LSE