Environmental Management and Compliance Assurance in Mines

February 15, 2022

Building Capacities Our training programmes are designed to build capacities of local governments, regulatory authorities, industry and NGOs on various aspects of environmental management. We have a team of highly qualified experts with extensive experience of training on impact assessment, land.

  • Andragogy: Our training is designed for adult e-Learning. We use a mix of online lecture, assignments, discussion and demonstration to transfer knowledge and skills effectively.
  • Learning on the job: Our training programmes are customised so that a participant needs to devote only 3 hours a day on training (3 hours lecture & class exercise and home assignment).
    This allows the participant to manage training and job together.
  • Individual learning and assessment: The training programmes are tailored for a small group (25-30 participants) to enable personalized learning and assessment.
  • Online demonstrations and videos: We enhance learning through online demonstrations and customized videos.

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