Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) of Mining Project

June 30, 2022

Building Capacities Our training programmes are designed to build capacities of local governments, regulatory authorities, industry and NGOs on various aspects of environmental management. We have a team of highly qualified experts with extensive experience of training on impact assessment, land.

  • Applicable environmental and other laws/ rules/ notification on waste management (Water
    Act, MSW Rule, Plastic Waste Rules).
  • Solid waste management – inventory, selection of technology, design, costing & maintenance of solid waste treatment facility.
  • Case studies – community-led solid waste and liquid wastewater treatment system (specific to rural areas).
  • Liquid waste management – inventory, characterization, selection of technology, design, costing & maintenance of liquid waste treatment facility.
  • Design, costing and Operation & Management of septic tanks, Decentralised Water Treatment Systems (DEWATS), oxidation ponds, sewage treatment plants (STP), including options and solutions for polluted ponds.
  • Plastic waste management – inventory, recycle and reuse options and case studies on plastic waste management.
  • Community toilet complex – treatment, design and resource recovery including faecal sludge treatment.
  • Audit and Benchmarking as per Swachh Survekshan

Training Details